Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Good Mail

Nice surprise in my mail slot. It's not a Bill! 

Joel's postcard mailers and the Andrew Wyeth card "Winter"

A nice surprise in the mail today  - - an 'ole classmate friend of mine, and fellow Wyeth "enthusiast" sent me a postcard he purchased on a visit to the National Museum of American Illustration.

This little card based on Andrew Wyeth's "Winter, 1946" 

Andrew Wyeth (American, 1917 - 2009)
Winter, 1946 
Tempera on board, 31 3/8 x 48 in.

Joel also sent two of his own postcard/mailers. I really enjoy seeing his work.
Check this piece out. He did it for Outdoor Life Magazine, and he totally killed it. I love the details here. A real beauty of a piece. 

Ice Dancer
Another piece that I really like by Joel was this one for the Boston Globe Magazine "Fall Travel Guide" 
I can imagine the amount of research and references that went into making this, and then the design itself!? 
He rocked it. 
Fall Travel cover for the Boston Globe Magazine

So, as you can imagine, Joel's work is in high demand right now, so I'm very glad he had some time for a "working vacation" with Chantal (his awesome wife, an illustrator herself and the owner of Papillon Press). 

Check their work out here:

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