Thursday, September 13, 2012

Beautiful Veggies

It's not often that you hear someone say " These vegetables are delicious." This definitely has never occurred in my house - - though I dream of the day when my kids will eat some form of vegetable other than a carrot or something I have hidden in spaghetti sauce.

Maybe you are one of those people in the produce aisle, enamored by the sight of seasonal fruits and vegetables, ripe and luscious in their prime. Maybe not?! Well, you should be! Bask in the blush of an apple, picked in a local orchard, or a giant head of broccoli fresh from the field. You shouldn't have to wander far to find a market with local faire.

I photographed these beauties at Holla's Produce and Greenhouses while on a getaway up North.  I never knew veggies could be so photogenic!

There's something so satisfying about growing your own food. When I  think of all of the time and effort put into a garden over a season - - I find it amazing that fruits and vegetables don't cost more money.

After months of watering and pest control and weeding - - you end up with a beautiful plant that will be harvested and consumed rather quickly. (Which, come to think of it, makes me feel extra guilty that I let that last head of lettuce wilt in the fridge.)