Saturday, August 18, 2012

Beach Feathers

Loving this feather. Inspiration/Reference for another feather painting!

 I don't know what it is about feathers at the beach...they seem to have an "ick" factor that other feathers  do not hold for me. I know, most feathers contain gross bird germs, and I do wash the feathers that I collect and sanitize my hands after I pick them up - - but, wet shore bird feathers kind of gross me out. They look neat scattered on the beach, but I do not want to pick them up and take them home. Why is that?!

We went to the beach this evening and picked up smooth stones and ran in the sand. The boys (My husband included) skipped stones and tossed/launched/dropped and threw a great deal of those washed ashore, back into the Lake.

A great " I Love You, Daddy!" moment. 

Hoping to get to the beach more often. We do not take advantage of what is all around us. Must do this on a weekly basis!


  1. Beautiful Jody. Waterside anywhere is a very special experience. If it is near you, it's important to enjoy it regularly. I think a feather
    AND stone painting is in order.

    1. You are entirely right, on all accounts! :)
      Thanks, Kathleen!

  2. I just found your blog: I love your art! I have an affinity with feathers. Out of curiosity, how do you wash and sanitize your feathers? I've been finding some very pretty ones lately!

    1. Sadie, I usually wash a whole bunch with dish soap. Someone told me to put them in the dryer. I actually tried this and it worked, though a few of the shafts came out a little bent. I prefer using a blow drier, or, if I'm doing one or two, I blow on them and shape them with my fingers. LOL.
      Hope that helps!
      P.S. Would love to see those feathers!! ;)


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