Thursday, August 16, 2012

Frans Rood

I recently had the great pleasure of meeting Potter, Frans Rood while I was showing at the Art by the Lighthouse show in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Situated across from my tent, I had a perfect view of all of his pieces. Many things sold before I had a chance to walk over and have a good look. When I did wander over, I found beautiful variety in shapes and colours.

Frans was engaging and honest about his work. Refreshingly down-to-earth, he made the days more interesting through conversations about skill and craft - - and I am ever so glad our tents were so close!
(Plus, his pieces were so much fun to photograph!)

I'll let you have a look...

I purchased this beauty for my Mother-in-Law as a Thank you for watching the boys while we set up and took down at all of my shows recently. I was fairly reluctant to give it to her, because it would look great in my own home. LOL. (Was lovely to touch, and feel and hold, as are all things made by hand)

Interested in Frans' work? Check him out here Frans Rood


  1. Nice to have a pleasant, inspiring booth mate at a show like that. I love raku. You've done lots of shows this summer!

    1. Kathleen,
      I really know nothing about pottery - - but I know what I like! He has knack with the glazes. Great colour and texture and not too heavy-handed.

      You're right about having an inspiring "booth mate". It really makes the time go by quickly with great customers and other artisans to talk and share with. :)

      Only one more show in September and that will be it for my outdoor shows!
      Where did the summer go?


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