Monday, January 7, 2013

"Little" Collections

Why do we collect things?
I was looking around my workspace today and I seemed to be surrounded by small collections. It got me thinking about the connections we have with THINGS and why we collect them.  

Feather Collection

Well, it should come as no surprise that I have a collection of feathers. This is about three years in the making, of found feathers and gifted feathers, which is pretty amazing. :) I love each one! 

So many beautiful patterns
Some North American Blue Jay feathers

I read "The Beauty of Life: William Morris and The Art of Design" a few years ago. It was the first time I had encountered his well-known quote which was given in his lecture "The Beauty of Life" delivered in 1880; 

"Have nothing in your houses which you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful"

I wish I could live by those words, unfortunately, I have a lot of editing and downsizing to do before I get there! (This includes some ugly, but useful second hand furniture amongst other things.) 

Handmade Lampwork Beads
These lampwork beads have taken up residence on my desk. They're in a little glass bowl and I look at them every day. I pick them up in my hand and admire them often. They were each handmade by the artisan Christel Wille and I treasure them. 

Antique Buttons

I purchased a jar of buttons at an auction years ago. Recently, while going through them with the kids, I noticed there are some real beauties in there. Knowing nothing about buttons, I make up stories in my head about where they came from. The black ones, some sad mourning Victorian woman. Are some of them faceted glass? Black Jet? 

I have this one hanging on my pin board. How cute is that?!


I think many of these are made from mother-of-pearl. 

 Is there anyone who can walk by a perfect shell on a beach and NOT pick it up?!


It's possible I am part squirrel. If I see a nice pinecone, or acorn, I have to pick it up. The kids have  apparently the same affliction, and there are larger pinecones in our mudroom along the windowsill. At the mall the other day, I noticed some HUGE real pinecones decorating the Roots store window. I had to restrain myself from going in and asking what was to become of those pinecones when they redecorate. Come to think of it, I may call the store yet. It would be a shame if they threw those away.

Smooth Stones

Well, we pass on the idea of collecting to our children. Not only is there a "stick collection" at my front door, a "rock collection" in the back garden and all along our window ledge in the mudroom, there are "collections" of toys all over the house. 

Is collecting a good thing? Are hoarders considered "collectors"? I suppose there's a limit to a collection, when you stop admiring something for what it is, and want it just to HAVE it.

I hope you enjoyed a look at a few of the things that I enjoy. What do you collect?