Monday, June 11, 2012

Gifting Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling caused quite the sensation recently, when he attended a graduation ceremony for his Mother, Donna, at Brock University in my home town. 

Now, as many of you can attest, he probably wouldn't have to do much to cause a mass-swooning, and indeed this is the case here! LOL.  His attendance alone became a top trending topic on Twitter that day and caused mild hysteria and heart palpitations in many women attending the ceremony. 

Most well known for his role in The Notebook, Ryan has become one of the hottest leading men in hollywood. Heartthrob is one of many words used to describe this talented, Oscar nominated actor. 

Ever the gentlemen, he refrained from doing interviews or directing attention away from the graduates that day, stating, to the University Spokesman, Kevin Cavanagh, "This is my Mom's Day...the graduates' day. I don't want to be a diversion."

His mother graduated with a Bachelor of Education degree.  Beaming with pride, Ryan jumped to his feet, applauding his Mother and snapping photos when she received her diploma, with girlfriend Eva Mendes by his side. It was reported he said that his Mom is going to be "... an excellent teacher".

Apparently, heartthrob for a reason! Taking time out of a busy schedule to support his Mom? Gold Star. ;)

Aside from the fan frenzy that ensued, his attendance coincided nicely with a gifting opportunity from The Artisan Group.

Some very lucky fellow Artisan Group members had recently been selected to make custom items for Ryan and I would love to give you a peek at some of the swag ;) I'm sure Ryan wouldn't mind.

I am loving this hand-stitched journal. So rugged-looking with that rich patina, layered over a hex/honeycomb pattern. Chevron interior?! Yes, please. Very stylish!

Handmade Journal by Simply Paperie

If you're not a total Ryan Gosling fan, you may not know about the devotion he has for his huge dog, George. There's a cute article here with some fun pics of him and his pooch:

Needless to say, George is receiving some Artisan Group love as well!

Here are matching bling for both Man and Dog ;) from SariBlue! A way cool adjustable leather bracelet to promote good luck and peace, with silver and glass beads, the Evil Eye and Om talisman and a matching ring/clasp with talismans for George's collar.

Sari herself is a big Ryan Gosling fan. There's a great post about her gifting him here:

Captain McChew, is a saucy fellow. A pirate cat, made of upcycled fabric, filled with homegrown lavender. I'm sure George will savor every chomp. 

Handmade chew toy by Upcycools

I always love seeing bandanas on dogs. A dog with a bandana, is definitely the popular one at the dog park. LOL

Ryan and George were gifted two half bandanas from ShannasTieDye. You know your dog could rock it!


If you're as much of a dog lover as Ryan, or you know someone special who does, you may want to proclaim that love for a furry friend with some awesome accessories like the copper bracelet made for him by For Love of a Dog Jewelry and Gifts:

Personalized with your dog's name. (Love that toggle)

I think the design and colours on this Leash and Collar combo from 4blackpaws is perfect. Sarah is a dog "Mom" to three dogs and her love for them is evident with every handmade item. Her Etsy shop is the perfect place to get affordable, fashionable collars for the furry love in your life!

I'm sure Ryan will soon be photographed sporting this great chainmaille bracelet made by SanikiCreations. I know my Husband would proudly wear it. Manly, yes. Versatile, check. Classic and contemporary. Perfect.
The following products from Shaka Soap look amazing. Ryan's feet must be tired, with all of the traveling he's been doing lately. They're sure to be summer sandal ready with this Soothing Hawaiian Salve. With Shea butter, Sweet Almond, Avocado, Olive and Rice Bran Oil,! How could you resist wanting to rub that on tired hands and feet?! I'm in!
This soap looks good enough to eat. I'm certain it smells divine! One of the key ingredients is the Kona coffee, grown on the Big Island in Hawaii, shipped to Canada to be roasted and then shipped back. A Canuck like Ryan won't be able to resist lathering up with soap like that!

Chocolate Espresso Soap with Kona Coffee

You know Ryan's going to need a hat to keep warm when visiting family and friends in Canada. This soft, felted Alpaca beanie, is right up his alley. 

You can find one just like it listed here
Or, if you would like to check out some other luxurious gifts made with soft, velvety alpaca

Your man may not have the same salary as a hollywood heavyweight, but he can feel like a star with a personalized money clip. This one was hand crafted for Ryan using Sterling Silver and 14K gold. Classic and sophisticated.
You know that chocolate has a physiological effect on some people right? Well, what do you think the effects of a Bacon and Chocolate candle would be? I love everything about this candle. The tin, the label, that awesome wick. What dude wouldn't love a bunch of these on his patio?

Now, this is just a sampling of the swag Ryan received from The Artisan Group. Which pieces are on your Must-Have gift list? 

If you would like to learn more about The Artisan Group, please check the group out here: 


  1. Jody,
    What a fantastic post, not only does it flow and look (almost ;) ) as gorgeous as your work, but it is truly a generous way to share your shop, blog, writing, and workspace with your fellow TAGers. I love the post and I adore not only your work but how generous you are!
    Not to mention, supremely awesome subject matter!!

    1. LOL. Well, thank you! I still have so much to learn from successful artisans like yourself! So happy to be able to share your beautiful work and be part of such an amazing Group! :)

  2. Great post! Everything looks so tempting ;-)

  3. Wow!! What a fabulous post and sharing of all the great creations from TAG. And that Gossling fellow is something too!

  4. A well written post.. makes me love him even more.. and a great way to bring much deserved attention to our fellow TAGers.. :)

  5. Wonderful post and beautiful work everyone!

  6. Awesome blog post. Well done TAGteam. <3

  7. Great post - thanks for including my custom money clip. Hoping it'll come in handy for Mr. Gosling.

  8. Great blog! I can't pick a favorite item, I don't even own a dog and I want those goodies too! LOL


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