Monday, June 4, 2012

First Sunday Stroll

First Show of the Season - Tent...not too full

I participated in the "First Sunday Stroll" today - - my first outdoor show of the season. A great Art Show partly sponsored by Etsy, it included a great selection of local artisans and some who came from great distances to take part in the event.

My back wall

As far as one-day shows go, and considering this was the "first annual" First Sunday Stroll in the area, I wasn't expecting huge crowds. In my mind, no crowds mean, no sales. Rain = no crowds. The whole prospect didn't seem too promising.

When my wonderful Hubby woke me, just before 6am and I could hear the rain outside, well, let me just say, I wasn't enthusiastic about packing up the work van and getting a tent up in the cold rain. I'm always excited to participate in a show, but I tried not to think about the fact we would have to take it all down within the same day. Mike made me a coffee, a little breakfast and was very enthusiastic that it was going to be a good day. I smiled and believed him. :)

Clouds, Wind, Rain, Blue Sky, Sunshine, Repeat.
Cloudy and brooding as it was, the sky did not open up in a great deluge while we set up the tent. Things were looking up!

View of my table - people loved my MOO business cards 

Blue Jay feathers always sell well

I had this original watercolour for sale, framed, as well as small prints and cards of the same.

To my surprise, there was quite a turnout! The selection and variety of artisans was wonderful and there were many people, despite the weather, who turned out to support Handmade! 

I would like to share a few of the great artisans with you. Unfortunately, I couldn't get around to each booth without abandoning my own, so this is a small sampling of some of my own faves which were a short distance from my own tent! LOL! 

Harwin Pottery - "The Accidental Potter"

Great colours and an eclectic selection of shapes and sizes 

The delightful and engaging, Mike, amidst his handiwork

Mike with his Sisters, who both did an excellent job.

The mug I purchased. Small enough to fit the One Cup coffee maker. 

Stitch & Spoke
Fabric art by Linda VareKamp

 Linda, very charming, in her lovely tent.

Earlier in the day, I had been telling my "neighbor" that my eldest son is really, really into recycling. So much so in fact that, he wanted recycling bins for his birthday. I mentioned that you find boys' clothes with fire trucks and dump trucks and race cars, but very rarely do you find a recycling truck. 'Lo and behold, I pass by this great looking tent and I spy some green t-shirts with the recycling symbol. Made, with recycled materials!! How awesome! I had to buy one.

I purchased one just like the one above. You can purchase them here:
I also highly recommend this shirt, because, who can resist a Narwhal or two?!

Malcolm designs 
by Melissa Baguley

Melissa in her tent. The sweetest "neighboring tent" I've ever had.
Her appliqued designs were beyond cute!

How can you resist that little alligator?
Baaa! Just the cutest for summertime fun!

Styles changed throughout the day, much like the weather.
Short sleeves? Long sleeves? Vest? Coat? :) Very versatile.
I enjoyed the day, despite the weather and hope this show becomes an annual event!


  1. Thanks Jody for the lovely feature! Glad I could make your little environmentalist happy, he sounds amazing! I had a lovely time at the show as well, met lots of amazing vendors. Happy spring to you! xo - L

    1. Linda,
      He's sleeping in the shirt tonight. LOL. Couldn't get it off of him ;)

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  3. Smiled the whole time I read this post! Felt like I was there with you (Clouds, Wind, Rain, Blue Sky, Sunshine, Repeat). So nice of you to highlight your neighbours' work--and so beautiful!

    1. Thank you, Kathleen! :) You must have been there in spirit, because I stayed positive throughout and I know you would do the same.
      Shall we do a show together, one day?

  4. WOW! You truly are a wonderful, positive, gracious, and most talented person, but I already knew that!!! It is always a pleasure to spend time with you. Thanks for the positive promotion. Pretty impressed with the smaller pieces you are creating. I can't see a feather without thinking of you. Keep up the terrific work. So detailed and beautiful!!!

  5. Mike, it was a pleasure to "work" with you again. LOL. A bit further apart this time, though!
    I'm so happy to be able to promote Amazing YOU and your beautiful work.
    My hat is off to you, sir.
    You are a source of inspiration.
    Hope to see you soon!


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