Monday, March 30, 2015

A birthday gift to myself: "Drawings Inspired by Life" by Dorian Vallejo

When I saw that artist Dorian Vallejo had released a book with limited Collector's Edition copies including original sketches inside (!!!) I had to have one :) A strange looking package arrived the day before my birthday. I was as excited as a kid on Christmas morning!

The postman delivered this giant mail bag. Quite possibly the weirdest package I've received. LOL
Once I got into the bag, I opened the box to reveal the book with a hand-written "Thank-You" inside. Very nice touch, Dorian!

Signed on the cover. 
If you haven't had a chance to see Dorian's work, here's a link to some of his work. Drawings from Life Gallery I'd love to see them in a real-life gallery setting. They are so dreamy. Lithe, languid, voluptuous and practically swimming/floating across the pages. Can an illustration convey stillness and movement at the same time?!

Had to take a pic with the book to show you the scale (It's a big book!) and also you can see the original sketch that was included inside (looks like ink, marker and paint were used)

Care to check out some of the other sketches included in the Collector's Editions?
You can find some HERE

Details, details :) 
I am so thrilled with the book - - going to go hover over the pages again ;) If you enjoy figurative drawing, anatomy, the feminine form or just a glimpse into a working mind - - this book is for you. Full of flowing, ethereal forms, it's a pleasure to look through.

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