Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Chair Affair : Reupholstered and Ready to Rock

So, my last Chair Affair post had me scrubbing orange vinyl and planning to sand the arms and legs.
Much has happened since then!
First of all, I approached Lincoln Interiors and Furniture Gallery in Virgil and they generously offered to reupholster my "Chair Affair" chair so that I would have a "fresh canvas" to work from. Amazing!

A fixture in the community for over 60 years, Lincoln Interiors and Furniture Gallery is well known.
After experiencing the quality of their
customer service, I can understand why they are so revered. 

After meeting some of the wonderful employees, (Deepali, Rose and Peter) fabric was chosen and I was given the arms and legs to take home to sand and prepare. I chose two nice Spring days, a few pieces of sandpaper and got down to it in the back yard. As you can see, the wood was pretty beat up and the original stain and varnish was more than "patina" it was nonexistent in many spots.

We had some old cans of stain from my grandfather and some varnish from the time my hubby refinished the floor. To say that this project is eco-friendly is an understatement!  Niagara Furniture Bank saved this vintage chair from a landfill. The kind people at Lincoln Interiors used remnant fabric to reupholster and bring new life to a beauty of a chair. All for a "Green"Charity that helps so many people! Excellent.

Rose - Behind the scenes at Lincoln Interiors, cutting patterns.

Peter at work.

Just to remind you what the chair looked like before ...

I am so thankful to Lincoln Interiors for generously donating the time, materials and talent of the individuals involved in transforming this chair! 

Big transformation! Peter reveals the Chair Affair Chair.
Ready for my artistic touch.

Before and After and you won't believe what's to come...
I was recently contacted by 97.7 HTZ-FM Southern Ontario's Best Rock to partner up for
The Chair Affair Event. So, this chair is going to have a touch of Rock N Roll! Stay Tuned!

If you would like to help Niagara Furniture Bank reach its goal of raising $45,000, please donate
HERE , even if it's a dollar. Every little bit will help!
You can also purchase tickets for the Chair Affair Gala which will take place at
Hernder Estate Winery, May 30

Contact Information

  • 1534 Hwy 55 Virgil, Ontario, Canada L0S 1T0
  • 905-468-3257
  • Toll-free: 1-800-215-6057

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