Monday, March 4, 2013

Niagara Furniture Bank's "Chair Affair"

Recently a friend sent me a link on facebook for a local business/charity that was looking for artists to participate in a fundraiser.

The Niagara Furniture Bank collects gently used home furnishings, and redistributes them to members of the community in need. Sometimes referred by organizations like Ontario Works, Ontario Disability Support Programs, Canadian Mental Health Organization, Family and Children's Services, Public Health, YWCA-Shelters and Transitional Housing, Hope Centre, Port Cares and Community Care St.Catharines, The Niagara Furniture Bank makes a difference in so many people's lives, transforming "shelter" into "home".

The "Chair Affair" is a fundraising event that will have artists pick a donated chair from the Niagara Furniture Bank warehouse, and transform it into a work of art (functional or not), to be auctioned off at the gala at Hernder Estates Winery in May.

Needless to say, I thought it would be a great event to be a part of! I sent in my application and waited to see if I would be accepted. It wasn't long before I heard back, and officially became one of the participating artists.

On February 24th we headed to the Niagara Furniture Bank Warehouse.
The warehouse was so much bigger than what I imagined. Old, dark and packed with boxes, the warehouse was intimidating. As a group of hopeful artists, we made our way to a space filled with furniture from every decade in the 20th century. It was so much fun spying treasure amongst the heaps of chairs. The first chair I pulled out is the one I eventually chose.

Some of the organizers were taking pictures in the midst of all of the "scavenging". I will share those with you as soon as I receive them.
Here I am, posing with my awesome chair in the warehouse elevator.
The idea is to take some "before-and-after" pics to show at the event. 
Here we are, on our chosen chairs, trying to keep warm in the freezing cold warehouse! LOL
Can't wait to see these chair transformations! 

Niagara Furniture Bank

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