Monday, March 4, 2013

Niagara Furniture Bank "Chair Affair" Getting it Clean

When I was picking a chair at the Niagara Furniture Bank Warehouse there were a couple things I was trying to keep in mind:

1. It has to fit in the trunk. 
We have a chevy Malibu, so there's not much room. I had to keep it small.

2. Don't go crazy. 
Considering I have never actually refurbished a piece of furniture before, (and I am super busy with three other projects, plus regular life with two crazy boys) I had to keep it manageable. I was on the lookout for something small and simple. Simple lines, some wood, possibly covered in a material I could paint on. 

3. Think of what someone else would want. 
Being creative is all well-and-good, but, in my mind, this piece will be purchased by someone to put in their house. If there's a warehouse of vintage pieces, I am going to look for mid-century modern, because that is hot, hot, hot at the moment. 

So the chair (barely) fit in the trunk. There were definitely some bungee cords used to keep the trunk from flying up. My very patient and loving Hubby did a good job, after he waited in the car with the kids the entire time I was in the Warehouse. Thank goodness for ipods and snacks. 

We got the chair home, and into the mud room. Immediately realized it had a vintage "odor". Began to wonder where this chair has been, and what kind of life it has lived. 

Filthy dirty, my first reaction when we got in the door,  "Nobody sit on this chair!"

Great profile. Kind of falling in love with it.
A little rough around the edges, with a small tear in the top.
What am I going to do about that?
So, first things first. I got out a bucket of hot, soapy water and decided to clean 'er up. 

As you can see, I had a lot of scrubbing ahead of me.
She was pretty grimy.

Well used. I imagined this chair had been delegated to some guy's garage.
That's the only reason I could think it would be as dirty as it was.
It was definitely well used. That means someone loved it!
Put my "scrubbing muscles" to work. 

Here's a pic I took after scrubbing half of the chair. Progress?
Thank goodness the grime came off. 
So, here she is. Much less dirty than before. Next step, sanding the legs and arms?
What do you think?


  1. You're awesome!!!
    A BLOG is a great idea...maybe I'll have to steal & start one for my chair affair:)

    1. You totally should, Kathy! It's another great way to promote the event! :)

  2. the "it has to fit in the trunk" is one I must remind myself when purchasing furniture ;-)

    1. LOL. A rule I have learnt after many purchases at country auctions requiring a pick-up!

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