Saturday, July 7, 2012

Evening Insects in the Field

This little guy hopped onto the hood of the golf cart. 

After dinner tonight we went to visit Mike's parents. They live not far from us, along the "wine route" with lots of orchards surrounding the property. There's a field behind the greenhouse that "Opa" takes the kids through on his golf cart. It was a nice evening so we took the kids for a ride.

So many insects out tonight. Apparently, they do not mind the heat one bit. The long grass was teeming with fluttering, jumping, crawling things. It was great!

I love these "thistles"

There were tons of little moths and "cabbage" butterflies and monarchs and such flitting about, but then, I spotted a big Eastern Black Swallowtail down low in the long grasses, just, fluttering about. Mike, carefully tried to put his hand underneath it. ( I thought it must be "injured") Then, free of the tangle of long grasses, it fluttered away. Mike said it was hiding because of all of the swallows and purple martins and other birds, swooping around catching their dinner - - and really we just served up their dessert. I hope not.
Eastern Black Swallowtail

Back orchard

"Magic Hour"

Mike spotted this baby bird amongst the thistles. If you can identify him for me, please do!

LOVE this! 

While driving "off the beaten path" Mike found a hitchhiker on his ankle.
So, when I couldn't be feeling more fortunate that the sun came out from behind a cloud, just as it was setting (perfect for photos, Thank You!!) and we saw all of these amazing grasshoppers and birds and butterflies and the ever-elusive praying mantis - - a feather spiraled down out of a tree, right in front of me.

I'm not kidding.

We were walking back to the house, and just as I walked under this beautiful Purple Maple, a lovely black and white feather, slowly twirled down from the branches and I reached out and caught it. It was surreal.

Thank You, Mother Nature, for the wonderful evening!! :)

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