Sunday, September 1, 2013


I was very excited to be participating in the Heirlooms show on June 14th and 15th at Vermeer's Garden Centre in Welland, Ontario. The event, in its inaugural year, was organized by the fabulous Erin Snow, who ran the First Sunday Stroll that I was a part of in the Spring of 2012. Erin's selection of high quality artisans is top notch. I will do any show that she organizes, because it is sure to attract a wide variety of beautiful handmade work by established and up and coming artists. Here's a small taste of some of the work that made its way to the Heirlooms show that weekend.
For more photos, you can find the whole album, HERE

Amazing design and branding, these are little embroidery kits. Yes, you have to do the "work", but I assure you it's all good fun, and you will feel so proud when you've accomplished making one of these quirky, sweet characters. I want them ALL!
Find them HERE
Lisa at Skinny Dip Soap was my tent-neighbor for the show. You have to smell these soaps. OMG! All natural, no GMO is the way to go. I also LOVE her packaging. One of her soaps is called "Wash A Hippy" which I find totally hilarious. 
Skinny Dip Soap
The ladies over at Heartmade Fibres were total troopers. Working away with a very new baby is a talent in itself. Great set-up and beautiful pieces! 

Proud new owner of a Heartmade Fibres hat 

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