Saturday, November 3, 2012

85 Feather Watercolors backstage at the CMA Awards

My official Sponsor Ad in The Artisan Group's Talent Gift Lounge Event Guide

Well, the big day finally arrived! The CMA Awards!!
I haven't been keeping up here on my blog - - being a Mom/Wife/Artist/*awake* is a bit of a juggling act. I'm trying to keep my balance with Family, Work and regular "life" LOL. Social media is kicking my butt. How do you do it?! Sleep? Who needs sleep?!

The CMA's - - sorry. Off on a tangent, there.
Yes, through the amazing The Artisan Group, I was able to participate in Country Music's Biggest Night! The 46th Annual CMA Awards! Backstage in the official gift lounge.

This summer I worked on painting and packaging 85 of my original watercolor feather studies to be included in The Artisan Group swag bags for some of Country Music's most talented musicians and entertainers. Leading up to the event, I was so excited. The 3.5 days of the gift lounge, I was beyond elated. Those feathers that I had been working on for so long were now in the hands of some of Country Music's biggest stars - - and I think it's a perfect fit. :) Who better to send my art to -- people whom, like the rest of my customer base - - are wonderful, down-to-the-earth, country-loving folk!

Jody Edwards / jodyvanb Artist of Original Feather Watercolors
Photo credit: Katie Mueller

So, thought I'd pop in here and say, the event was amazing. We had live updates from Valerie Guerrero, the Founder of The Artisan Group and Ashley Berthelot a fellow TAG member, who were manning The Artisan Group table at the event. I will have more info to share this week (and possibly some photos from the event backstage - - and some of your fave Country stars with The Artisan Group gifts! ) I can't wait to share! Stay Tuned!! :)

For now - - Here's a print, made from 4 of the 85 original feather studies that were sent to be gifted at the CMA's. You can purchase it in the shop for 20% OFF in celebration of the Country Music Awards. Just use the coupon code : COUNTRYMUSIC

Mallard, Great Horned Owl, Cardinal and Crow Feather
Archival print on Museum quality Hahnemuhle paper. Will look beautiful matted as an 8x10 


  1. How fantastic to be a part of those awards, must have been very exciting!! Well done. Great photo of you with your feathers. :)Beautiful print!

    1. Julie,
      It was definitely an honor to be a part of! Thank you so much for the kind words! I really wonder which Country Artists ended up with each of those originals? :)

  2. I was reading your Facebook posts that day and your excitement was palpable! I wonder how many years 85 paintings would take me to paint? I hope you hear back from some of the artists. I'm sure your work will be treasured.

  3. Thanks, Kathleen. I have been so excited it took me three days to see this post. OMG! LOL

  4. Dear Jody, found your blog from Trowel and Paintbrush. Your feathers are gorgeous and congratulations that you participated in the CMA AWARDS!! I too collect feathers when I am walking out and about. Thanks for sharing your beautiful art. Will be back to visit.

    1. Thanks so much for your kind words and for stopping by, Debbie! The CMA's were very exciting!
      It's hard NOT to pick up a feather when you spot one, isn't it?! I keep mine in glass vases, how about you? :)


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